New Phone, Who Dis?


So what can we tell you? There’s plenty you want to know, to be sure. But here’s what we can say and fill you in on.

Spring is here! To coincide with the studio’s official 2nd birthday we took the team out to see Ready Player One and hit the local pub after. Good times were had by all. It was cool (and a little surreal) to be in the company of so many ex-Bungie vets and (SPOILER ALERT) see a bunch of Master Chief and Halo references in the film. Does this count as the first Halo appearance on the BIG screen? We think it might.

IMG_3276 (1).JPG

You might see some familiar and unfamiliar faces in the image above. The point is, there’s more of us! We’ve been very fortunate to welcome new talent across multiple disciplines recently. Everything they’ve brought to the table so far is pushing the rest of us forward. You can check out more about them, here.

Otherwise, as you might imagine, we’re “all hands on deck” on the game project. We’ve got some plans in the works about when we can start showing you bits and pieces, as well as formally announce. We’re working hard and having a lot of fun discovering what’s gelling well with what exists and what’s to come.

Special shout-out to the folks at Private Division, who have been so supportive and open to what we’re doing. We’re very lucky to have such a collaborative relationship with them and the freedom to do what’s best for what we’re making.

So to give you guys something more than, ‘be cool and wait’ -- we’ve taken the liberty of adding a fun segment in this post (and ideally, future ones too) that you might be interested in;

-Five Questions for a V1 ‘Mechanic.'-
Feat. Rick Lesley, V1 Designer.

1.) "What was the first game project you worked on professionally and what sort of lasting impression did it have on you?"
My first professional project in the industry was on an MMO called ‘Marvel Super Hero Squad Online’. It was based on a kids show about all of the Marvel characters, and on it I was a Mission Designer, designing and scripting unique story content that players could play through cooperatively.

My biggest takeaways from my first job would be learning to work within the constraints of your game’s universe, but to also being free to push the limits of what fits within that universe. We were given a lot of freedom to prototype and toy with custom mechanics for each of our missions, and it was blast to have a chance to shape a part of the game like that.

2.) "What are you playing currently in your spare time? What sticks with you about it?"
I’m playing quite a few games at once, but The Witcher is my main focus right now. The aspect of The Witcher series that impresses me endlessly is their dedication to their world building, and how rich a history the world FEELS like it has. It is one thing for their to be a lot of lore in a game world, but it is something else entirely to have that history represented in almost of interaction in the game. CD Projekt Red are some of the best in the business, especially when it comes to narrative, and I’m thoroughly enjoying every drop of story the game has to offer.

3.) "In the vaguest, non-NDA breaking terms possible, can you tell us a little about what you're working on currently?
The vaguest way possible? I’m in the middle of a lovely sandwich, in-between environment art and engineering (where I prefer to be), working to help the different parts of our game compliment each other nicely, through some pretty exciting gameplay systems. I love seeing what other departments are working on, and working with rest of design to come up with the connective glue that combines it all in a fun way for players.

4.) "Give a quick piece of advice to someone who maybe wants to get into what you do."
The first thing that I think aspiring designers should ask themselves is “what do I want to do in game development?” What excites you, gets your gears turning? Do you love creating interesting spaces for players to use as a playground within a game? Look into Level Design! Are you a number fanatic who would enjoy spending their time balancing weapons, multiplayer modes and other gameplay systems? Do some research on Systems Design! Would you prefer to craft experiences within the game world, that people want to keep playing over and over? Mission Design might be right up your alley!

After that? Make something. Anything. Just makes something small, that you can have other people play, give you feedback on, and then you can iterate on. Learn to soak up all of the feedback and use it to keep improving on whatever experience you are crafting.

5.) "What's your plan for this weekend?"
My weekends are sacred to me, and I prefer to keep them pretty low-key. This weekend will mostly be walking my dog with my fiance, cooking delicious food(s), maybe bowling-and-a-movie, then some video games to round things out. Yeah, that sounds pretty great right now.

Despite these missives coming few and far between - it often feels like when we do put one of these together not much time has passed since the last one. However! The calendar would have us believe otherwise. It’s safe to say at this point we’re feeling the need to increase the regularity of these updates. Things are getting more exciting on our end. Every. Single. Day.




Private_Division_Logo_Transparant_White (1).png

It's a big day! Everyone here at V1 is very proud to signal boost the announcement of our publisher, Private Division. We are privileged and honored to be part of a label that is home to an elite roster of exciting studios and talented developers.

Private Division is focused on enabling independent studios to make games that the developers want to make, while supporting the studios within the label to be successful on all fronts across the globe. 

"We took our time preparing a solid prototype before pitching the game to publishers. Private Division immediately appreciated the project vision and gave us the ability to assemble an experienced team capable of building an ambitious new IP." 
- Marcus Lehto ( V1 President & Creative Director) 

From the moment we partnered with Private Division, their support has allowed us to confidently move forward with our current project. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such an excellent ally in the industry. 

When you're lucky enough to count yourself alongside studios like The Outsiders, Panache Digital Games, and Obsidian Entertainment, plus a title like Kerbal Space Program, it's impossible not to feel like we're already part of something special. 

Some of these studios have announced their current projects. Others, like ourselves, are still behind the curtain. Your patient support is a crucial component in making all these projects into great gaming experiences.

We've been very eager to continue talking about our studio and everyone who is making our project possible. In time, we'll be able to start pulling the curtain back on our current project -- but for now, please join us in celebrating this awesome news!

This is the beginning of what we hope is a positive and productive dialogue with everyone who has been curious about what we've been up to. You can get more information on the studios that currently make up Private Division via the links below. We encourage you to follow them on your familiar social media outlets. 

- Twitter
- Facebook

There's a lot more to come! Stay tuned!

- The V1 Team



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Summer's Over

Well now, this summer here in the PNW has been a hot and dry one (driest on record since 1914), but wonderful for outdoor activities. As always, the natural beauty of this area, between two mountain ranges and coastal terrain, lends itself to so many excursions for our employees. There was rarely a week over this summer where someone wasn't out and about on some adventure.

I also took part in some hikes up into the Cascades and loved every moment. I've even been on my motorcycle more often than not, which has been great. However, I have to be honest, I'm ready for the Fall to be here. It's a great time to switch gears and hone in on some serious concentration with the game and studio.

We've been hiring some seriously talented people and growing this studio into a place that will be making waves when it's time for us to finally announce the game we've been pouring all our passion into over the last couple years. I love being at the studio and just being part of the daily interaction with everyone as they innovate and work together.

But, I can't tell you how difficult it is for us to not talk publicly about this game! The wait will be worth it when it's time to start that discussion.

Until then, we'll be talking more about the studio, who we are, what we're doing as we develop this game and how we interact with one another. It should be very insightful for those of you interested in what goes on behind the curtain of game development.


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Good news!

Hello again!

It’s been awhile since we checked in. There’s good reason for the delay however and this post will be our way of trying to get you all up to speed without giving too much away. There’s a lot to catch up on!

The biggest news is as follows;

We crossed our ‘greenlight’ pre-production milestone with flying colors this summer! What does that mean? It means we get to keep making the game we’ve been making. Which, in this business, is no small feat! We’ve got a stellar crew plugging away and we’re excited about what we’re doing! We’re also looking to add to our team.

That’s right! We’re hiring! We’ve got specific positions up now on our careers page but we’re also taking speculative applications. More specific positions will be listed soon. We encourage any and all prospective candidates to reach out with appropriate materials. We look forward to talking with you! We pride ourselves on emphasizing work/life balance, building a productive and positive workplace environment, and our kitchen/snack situation is pretty killer! We want your experience, your passion and your enthusiasm for creating a great game! If you’re currently a gainfully employed developer, we appreciate you passing the word along to those who are looking for their next great creative adventure.

We’re going to ask you to help us welcome Blake Low to our team! If you see him on the street or jawing on social media, congratulate him on joining our squad as a 3D Environment Artist.

As far as the game project is concerned, we can offer very little information at this time. However, here’s a few tiny but crucial bits that you can mull over. We’re building the game in Unreal. We’re aiming for a PC and console launch. And finally, we can tell you it’s an FPS. But it’s also so much more than an FPS. More on that much, much later. You’re just going to have to trust us.

We want to tell you more. It’s hard for us not to, frankly. But it’s probably safe to say that making any claims about a game project this early in it’s development is almost always an invitation for trouble. We aren’t trying to lead anyone on and as soon as we can say more, we will. If you assume anything, assume we’re going to do everything in our power to offer you something new, exciting and fun. Because otherwise what’s the point?

So again, thanks for the patience. We’re excited to keep working on something we think you’re really going to like.

Moving forward, we’ll be making efforts to introduce you to the team and offer up some details about what they do every day. This will be a cool glimpse behind the curtain into contemporary game development, which if you’re anything like us, is always something worth checking out. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

Until next time...

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Something Special

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Something Special

The last month has been a complete whirlwind for us at the studio. Not only did we enter a major new milestone right during the holidays, but we moved into our new permanent office, which is wonderful!

Since this milestone was so short, we decided to focus most of our energy on tackling one of our big technical challenges. While I can’t go into specifics, it involves the environment, dynamic changes, physicality, and making it all network friendly. The end result, and I feel like we’re just uncovering the corner of a treasure trove, is something really amazing that makes an old dev like me giggle like a little kid.

As we’ve been continuing development on this super-secret project, it’s been uttered a few times internally that we’re onto something truly special. I believe it. So does the team. But none of it would be special if it weren’t for the talented team we have assembled. They are happy and free to delve into parts of the game that get them excited, and that excitement results in something special. It’s a good cycle I hope we all continue to successfully foster.

The latter point is so important to me as we grow at V1, because there are plenty of things by which we are naturally distracted, like the new political climate we face. But with the team, there’s a solidarity and focus that is rich with positive energy. This is the good stuff that allows people to weather through pretty much any challenge.

So, with this most recent milestone, we successfully cracked the lid on some unknowns. Sure, there are more to come, but we’re ready and happy to tackle them.



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Seasons Greetings!

It's time to close out the year!

We've been cranking along these past few months, as many of you know. We are happy to report that we continue to make fantastic progress with the game! We're hitting our deadlines, we're having a lot of success exploring new ideas, (as well as building on familiar ones) and best of all the game is revealing itself to be really FUN! 

We've been operating as a 12 person team now for a few months and quite honestly, there's a real enthusiasm and a camaraderie here that's sure to be evident in what we're making. The team as a whole is gearing up to move into our new permanent office space as well!

Its been a hell of ride so far. V1 went from a couple of folks working from home to a rock-solid main team. We moved into a temporary office. We gathered up some gear and started turning an idea that's been in the works for a few years into a reality. The veterans are bringing their considerable talents to the table and the young-guns are handily holding their own. Having a team with a range of experience is informing the project in really exciting ways.  

It probably goes without saying, we're still in a place that's a bit too early to reveal much of anything quite yet. However, we're having a lot of discussions about the best ways to start trickling out bits and pieces of information to you. Everyday (quite literally) something happens that we want to share with you, but we're erring on the side of caution for now. We encourage you to stay tuned, and think you're going to like what we're cooking up.

You can always hit us up on Facebook and Twitter for more interaction. Many of you have, so please continue to do so. We're always listening. We absolutely appreciate you taking the time to check in with us. Every day we're getting closer and closer to something really special, and believe it or not, none of it would be happening without you.

We wish you all the happiest of holidays! 




Full steam ahead!

Alright, now begins a more frequent news update for all of you interested in how and what we’re all doing here at V1.

Since the last post, we’ve grown! We now have 12 dedicated professionals working together to build something very special that I think you will all be excited about when we start revealing details in the coming months.

The atmosphere around the office is pretty amazing. As we all work on the game together, everyone is taking ownership over very important parts of the game, iterating on them as they see how things fit with the larger project, and turning them into something I just can’t wait to show to the world. This is something that can’t happen on very large teams, and it’s absolutely inspiring to see.

The best part is when we play the game together. The hilarious taunts and bursts of laughter make what we’re building come to life and prove to us that there’s something very special being developed here at V1.

The game is continuing to evolve as we build the multiplayer components and venture deeper into the story side of the game. There are many challenges and hard problems to solve, but we’re tackling them one at a time resulting in features and gameplay mechanics that I’m sure will blow you away.





Our core team

We've been patiently waiting as some of our new members wrapped up commitments at their old studios before joining us at here at V1. I’m happy to say that this week marks the addition of one more super talented person, Lee Wilson, who I had the pleasure of working with for many years while at Bungie.

As of now, we have a solid core team, with a great mix of AAA veterans and brand new wicked smart devs. This talented group has already been such a fantastic team to work with as we successfully conquered our first big milestone last month and are charging headlong into the next.

Personally, I can’t wait to get to work every single day, just to be with them all and make a great game in one of the most positive, creative and fun environments I could imagine.





It's been a bit since we've posted so first off, we appreciate the patience!

Secondly, as many of you have expressed interest in potentially joining the growing ranks of our team, we've updated our Careers page to list some priority needs. We'd love to hear from you if you think you meet the descriptions!

Thirdly, things are moving along here swimmingly. We know you want in on what we're doing and as soon as we can talk about it, we will. We don't like NOT talking about it. Not to say that we don't wanna not hear from you or nothin'. Trust us, we don't not wanna. Never.

Lastly and in the meantime, we'll be taking some time to travel to L.A. next week and hang out at E3. So if you're down there and you see us in our snazzy V1 "Creator" t-shirts, come up and say hi. Tell us what you're digging at the conference and we'll do the same.

We're pretty amazed at how many of you are keeping an eye on the studio and keeping an ear out for news. Thank you everyone for all the 'likes' and 'follows' and comments. Keep it up. We're pretty sure you're gonna dig what's coming. 





We did it! And we're hiring!

It's been more than a few months since the last post, but there's a reason for it. We have been in negotiations with a publisher for many months. Working a publishing deal takes time - lots of time! Well, we wrapped up the deal last month and have made V1 an official entity. It took longer than we expected, but we did it! We're a real studio now!

We have officially hired on 5 employees and are growing fast. It's a real pleasure to finally bring on two of the contractors that have been a foundation to V1 as we went through the pitch phase and sealed the deal. 

This web site is in sore need of major updating, which will happen soon. When we revamp things, we'll be posting more information about the positions we're looking to fill. We'll also be talking a lot more about the studio, who we all are, and how things are going with production of our new top secret game.

Details about the game will be slim for a while since our publisher will want to drive any announcement on that front, but we'll do our best to keep you all part of our studio experience as we continue to hire on more super talented people and build our new AAA game!




Almost there!

Yes it's true, we're almost on our feet with building a real studio!

Over the last 8-10 months, we've been hammering on a game prototype, trying out new gameplay mechanics, charging tough hills, failing fast, reviewing what worked and what didn't, resetting and trying again until we finally landed on a core game concept that we believe is truly unique and provides a great player experience.

After assembling a comprehensive playable prototype, we started pitching the game around and were excited to receive a ton of interest from a variety of sources.

Right now, we're in the process of honing in on a partnership to make this game and our studio a reality. We're almost there, so hang tight and prepare for some good news at the start of the new year.