Role Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Work within the constraints of our current project to create the highest quality 3D assets (as needed).
  • Take remote direction and feedback to maintain the pillars of the visual aspects of the current project.
  • Asset creation across a cornucopia of software.
  • You believe craftsmanship and quality go hand in hand.
  • Managing your end of the content pipeline.
  • Proven track record for meeting deadlines.
  • Organization is something you take pride in. 
  • You're a true communicator, with an knack for remote correspondence. 
  • You have an appropriate sense of humor under a lot of pressure.


  • Background in 3D art and/or concept with strong yet flexible style.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4.
  • You're passionate and enthusiastic about video games.
  • You can take an idea from concept to final asset with confidence and stellar results.

To Apply:

  • Provide a resume and cover letter to ""
  • The cover letter should include why you want to join us at V1 in a contract role, what your strengths as an artist are, and games you're currently playing or that inspire you. 
  • Provide a link to your digital portfolio and/or links to examples of your highest quality work.