Alright, now begins a more frequent news update for all of you interested in how and what we’re all doing here at V1.

Since the last post, we’ve grown! We now have 12 dedicated professionals working together to build something very special that I think you will all be excited about when we start revealing details in the coming months.

The atmosphere around the office is pretty amazing. As we all work on the game together, everyone is taking ownership over very important parts of the game, iterating on them as they see how things fit with the larger project, and turning them into something I just can’t wait to show to the world. This is something that can’t happen on very large teams, and it’s absolutely inspiring to see.

The best part is when we play the game together. The hilarious taunts and bursts of laughter make what we’re building come to life and prove to us that there’s something very special being developed here at V1.

The game is continuing to evolve as we build the multiplayer components and venture deeper into the story side of the game. There are many challenges and hard problems to solve, but we’re tackling them one at a time resulting in features and gameplay mechanics that I’m sure will blow you away.