It's been more than a few months since the last post, but there's a reason for it. We have been in negotiations with a publisher for many months. Working a publishing deal takes time - lots of time! Well, we wrapped up the deal last month and have made V1 an official entity. It took longer than we expected, but we did it! We're a real studio now!

We have officially hired on 5 employees and are growing fast. It's a real pleasure to finally bring on two of the contractors that have been a foundation to V1 as we went through the pitch phase and sealed the deal. 

This web site is in sore need of major updating, which will happen soon. When we revamp things, we'll be posting more information about the positions we're looking to fill. We'll also be talking a lot more about the studio, who we all are, and how things are going with production of our new top secret game.

Details about the game will be slim for a while since our publisher will want to drive any announcement on that front, but we'll do our best to keep you all part of our studio experience as we continue to hire on more super talented people and build our new AAA game!