It's been a bit since we've posted so first off, we appreciate the patience!

Secondly, as many of you have expressed interest in potentially joining the growing ranks of our team, we've updated our Careers page to list some priority needs. We'd love to hear from you if you think you meet the descriptions!

Thirdly, things are moving along here swimmingly. We know you want in on what we're doing and as soon as we can talk about it, we will. We don't like NOT talking about it. Not to say that we don't wanna not hear from you or nothin'. Trust us, we don't not wanna. Never.

Lastly and in the meantime, we'll be taking some time to travel to L.A. next week and hang out at E3. So if you're down there and you see us in our snazzy V1 "Creator" t-shirts, come up and say hi. Tell us what you're digging at the conference and we'll do the same.

We're pretty amazed at how many of you are keeping an eye on the studio and keeping an ear out for news. Thank you everyone for all the 'likes' and 'follows' and comments. Keep it up. We're pretty sure you're gonna dig what's coming.