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It's a big day! Everyone here at V1 is very proud to signal boost the announcement of our publisher, Private Division. We are privileged and honored to be part of a label that is home to an elite roster of exciting studios and talented developers.

Private Division is focused on enabling independent studios to make games that the developers want to make, while supporting the studios within the label to be successful on all fronts across the globe. 

"We took our time preparing a solid prototype before pitching the game to publishers. Private Division immediately appreciated the project vision and gave us the ability to assemble an experienced team capable of building an ambitious new IP." 
- Marcus Lehto ( V1 President & Creative Director) 

From the moment we partnered with Private Division, their support has allowed us to confidently move forward with our current project. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such an excellent ally in the industry. 

When you're lucky enough to count yourself alongside studios like The Outsiders, Panache Digital Games, and Obsidian Entertainment, plus a title like Kerbal Space Program, it's impossible not to feel like we're already part of something special. 

Some of these studios have announced their current projects. Others, like ourselves, are still behind the curtain. Your patient support is a crucial component in making all these projects into great gaming experiences.

We've been very eager to continue talking about our studio and everyone who is making our project possible. In time, we'll be able to start pulling the curtain back on our current project -- but for now, please join us in celebrating this awesome news!

This is the beginning of what we hope is a positive and productive dialogue with everyone who has been curious about what we've been up to. You can get more information on the studios that currently make up Private Division via the links below. We encourage you to follow them on your familiar social media outlets. 

- Twitter
- Facebook

There's a lot more to come! Stay tuned!

- The V1 Team