The last month has been a complete whirlwind for us at the studio. Not only did we enter a major new milestone right during the holidays, but we moved into our new permanent office, which is wonderful!

Since this milestone was so short, we decided to focus most of our energy on tackling one of our big technical challenges. While I can’t go into specifics, it involves the environment, dynamic changes, physicality, and making it all network friendly. The end result, and I feel like we’re just uncovering the corner of a treasure trove, is something really amazing that makes an old dev like me giggle like a little kid.

As we’ve been continuing development on this super-secret project, it’s been uttered a few times internally that we’re onto something truly special. I believe it. So does the team. But none of it would be special if it weren’t for the talented team we have assembled. They are happy and free to delve into parts of the game that get them excited, and that excitement results in something special. It’s a good cycle I hope we all continue to successfully foster.

The latter point is so important to me as we grow at V1, because there are plenty of things by which we are naturally distracted, like the new political climate we face. But with the team, there’s a solidarity and focus that is rich with positive energy. This is the good stuff that allows people to weather through pretty much any challenge.

So, with this most recent milestone, we successfully cracked the lid on some unknowns. Sure, there are more to come, but we’re ready and happy to tackle them.



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