The auspicious timing of this blog post is most fortuitous!

As you may know, some of our Private Division label-mates will be showing off their hard work at the Game Awards tonight by pulling back the ol’ velvet curtain on their projects. We’re really excited for Panache and Obsidian! Not only for those busting their tails on those respective projects, but we’re really excited to see more about those projects!

SO! What brings you here? Perhaps you saw a tweet or an article that led you to the label and then here. If it’s your first time, welcome! For those that have been here before, welcome back!

We’ve had a very, very active couple of months. We’re pretty sure our attention is where it belongs as we’re churning away on our own project, but we certainly wanted to check in and say hello to you all.

We have an inkling that you’re hearing a bit about us out there in the ether. We’re fortunate to be mentioned in good company and even more fortunate to have your attention.

With that said, please enjoy a little peek of our project. Just a little something to mull over and speculate on.

A glimpse into a small corner of the larger world we're building.

We’re excited to show you more soon. Let us know what you think! We’ve still got some miles to tread before we can pull the curtain all the way back, so stay tuned!