• Work closely with Art, Design, and Engineering teams to bring new features to life in the game.
  • Work cooperatively to come up with creative solutions to our most challenging problems.
  • Able to contribute to across the full spectrum of the game (Physics, Graphics, AI, etc.).

Requirements and Skills:

  • Passion for writing code, you've got to love it!
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, CS, or equivalent work experience.
  • Proficiency in C/C++, familiarity with Visual Studio.
  • Strong math and physics skills, specifically 3D math and dynamics.
  • Ability to drive and contribute across all aspects of the game.
  • Passion for playing and creating exceptional gaming experiences.


  • UE4 C++ development experience.
  • Console development experience.

To Apply:

  • Provide a resume and cover letter to ""
  • The cover letter should include why you want to join us at V1, what your strengths as a developer are, and games you're currently playing or that inspire you. 
  • Make sure these documents are PDF files.
  • If applicable, provide a link to past projects, github code repos, or any other projects you've worked on. 
  • DO NOT send us any work or material that's confidential. We bet it's great, but just don't.